My name is Caleb Sylvest and I like to make things. I am a Designer & Front-End Developer with a love for beautiful, usable design and clean, succinct code. Whether by coincidence or futuristic insight my parents named me Caleb Stephen Sylvest (CSS) sealing my fate to find a place in the world of building things for the internet.

Born in south Louisiana, graduated from Louisiana Tech, moved to Virginia for my first professional job, then to Nashville (for design, not to become a rock star). I have learned that life is a journey, the future is unknown. Enjoy the ride and make the best of it!

I recently joined the ranks of many talented people on Skillshare, teaching an Introduction to Bookbinding course. The course covers in detail the steps and materials of making really cool Perfect Bound Books. If you would like to learn about bookbinding please join, I look forward to seeing what you create!