Blockchain & Privacy: What I Like Right Now – April 2021

Two things I love: privacy and crypto.

So, if I can up my security and privacy and earn crypto as a result… that’s a WIN in my book.

Here are a few tactics I have recently adopted:

Brave. Secure, Fast & Private Web Browser.

I’ve switched to the Brave web browser. Brave focuses on security, privacy, and performance. All of which we are in desperate need. Brave is a web browser, so pair it with an appropriate search engine (aka avoid Google). I suggest DuckDuckGo as option one, or if you are into crypto see my suggestion for Presearch below.

Also, for the lovers of crypto, Brave created a new paradigm for the advertising industry with the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Note: I do still use other browsers for my day-to-day tasks—work, personal, email, and social media. But I reserve Brave usage as a sandbox outside of social media, Gmail, etc.

Presearch. A Decentralized Search Engine

Presearch is a privacy first search engine backed by blockchain. Best part, you are reward PRE token for every search performed.

I’m loving it. Not expecting to get rich from the PRE token, but I love optimizing my crypto generating schemes.

Use this referral link to get 50 PRE tokens:

Proton Mail. Secure, Encrypted Email

Get secure with your email. You use Gmail or Hotmail or AOL? That’s fine, I do too. But get a fully secure account with Proton Mail as an alternative.

Efani. America’s Most Secure Cellphone Service

I really like what Efani is doing as a mobile provider. Efani was founded on the principle of security, guaranteed. SIM Swapping is a huge security issue as mobile device users. SIM Swap hacks are surprisingly cheap and easy to perform, and with control over your mobile device hackers can really mess stuff up.

I’m not using Efani yet, but I’m super interested and strongly considering the switch.


I’m pumped about what the future of crypto and blockchain will deliver. There are hundreds of incredible interesting projects in the work using blockchain and crypto to increase our everyday security, privacy, and autonomy.

Stay tuned to see how blockchain will be the backbone of tech infrastructure to come.

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