It’s Time to Graduate, Part II

Welcome to the second installment of the It’s Time to Graduate word of advice column from a dude who, not so long ago, was in your place. In It’s Time to Graduate, Part I we covered the basics of what graduating designers and developers need to consider when leaving school and preparing for their first professional job. This time around I’m not going to focus on points to help designers and developers but talk about things I’ve learned and thought about in my years since entering the ‘real world’ that should help everyone.

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It’s Time to Graduate, Part I

Four years ago, I was a stressed out teen entering school with travel plans and a determination to pass the Spanish CLEP test practice ASAP. Three years ago I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Communication Design. Little did I know the five years spent in the university system did not prepare me for the working world. But that’s okay, what I have learned in the past three years is that education is continual, my time at college was the beginning, a stepping stone toward my future career.

I want to give a word of advice to any soon-to-be graduates in preparation for entering the working field of design and/or development. These are all things I have learned over the past three years, and wish someone had provided me while in school (really when I was a freshman).

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