Free Mac Apps That Make Life Awesome

We all love free stuff, and super charging my computer with apps makes me happy. I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite, often times simple, Mac apps that are an integral part of my computer. And best of all, they are all free! So go buck wild and try them out, you’ve got nothing to lose.

AppCleaner. If you’ve ever tried to remove a Mac app yourself you know it can be a mess! AppCleaner offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that finds all app related files and deletes them for you without causing headaches.

Caffeine. Sometimes you need to keep your computer awake and prevent it from falling asleep if you step away. Caffeine offers a slick interface for quickly turning on/off a “caffeinated” session.

CCleaner. Computers need a spring cleaning session more than once a year. CCleaner is great at clearing out deep-down gunk to clean and speed-up your computer without having to first get a Computer Science degree.

CloudApp. CloudApp makes sharing screenshot super easy and fast with a drag-and-drop menu bar icon.

Dropbox. Does Dropbox even require an introduction? Unless you are living under a rock the answer is no. Free cloud storage with the option of a premium upgrade = yes please.

f.lux. Flux helps your brain know the difference between night and day when staring at a computer screen, helping produce melatonin and prepare you body for sleep even if you use a computer late at night.

LittleIpsum. LittleIpsum is the greatest Lorem Ipsum generator I have found. The menu bar icon allows you to quickly select between one word and four paragraphs of text, added to your clipboard for quick use.

Pocket. The Pocket app makes saving online articles for later consumption super easy. The app is multi-device so you can use a browser extension to save articles, read them through a desktop app, or mobile app.

ScreenHero. Sometimes sharing your screen with a friend or co-worker isn’t enough. ScreenHero allows screen sharing and multiple-mouse cursor interactions.

SelfControl. For those moments when you wish the internet-of-distractions didn’t exist check out the SelfControl app. Add websites to a whitelist or blacklist and create timers to blacklist certain sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) for a given time.

Obviously there are a million apps out there and my list only has a handful of useful, free apps. If you have any thoughts or app suggestions feel free to leave a comment with your suggestion, or shoot me a message on Twitter at @calebsylvest.

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