Why Tom Cruise? Because ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Was Fantastic

If you have not yet seen Edge of Tomorrow I highly suggest you check it out. The film really is great and I believe will go down as one of the great sci-fi flicks – when it finally catches on. Because for some reason thus far, Edge of Tomorrow has performed spectacularly poorly at the box office, though ratings, including ratings by Rotten Tomatoes have been stupendous.

What I want to know is why was Tom Cruise chosen as the lead actor? Don’t get me wrong, he did a perfect job in the role (as he always does) but he just doesn’t seem to fit the role like another actor could.
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Free Mac Apps That Make Life Awesome

We all love free stuff, and super charging my computer with apps makes me happy. I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite, often times simple, Mac apps that are an integral part of my computer. And best of all, they are all free! So go buck wild and try them out, you’ve got nothing to lose.
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Just Poopin’ or How My Bowel Movements Became a Time of Productivity

How often do you have a bowl movement? It’s a legitimate question that can start conversations that last hours. Did you know the average human will spend 92 days on the toilet throughout their lifetime? I have a hypothesis the number will increase with the generation growing up at the moment, mostly due to the invention and adoption of smartphones and entertainment devices persistently on our persons and quick to make an appearance when we pop-a-squat.
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The Rise of the Tech Based Television Show

Let’s be honest, we all watch too much t.v. I’m no exception, the minute I complete one show series I seem to stumble upon a new show that sucks me in, keeping me constantly and consistently waiting for new episodes each week or binge watching full seasons.

Lately a television trend has arisen of tech-based drama series. There have always been the ridiculously, over-dramatized movies about computer geeks and ‘hackers’, typically criminally based, such as Swordfish and Hackers, even Jurassic Park gave a nod to the mysterious and all-powerful hacker. But anyone with an ounce of computer savvy or know-how understands the over-the-top nature of these films.
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Accepting Technology: When I Gave in and Tried the Kindle App

Hearing someone berate new inventions and tools always surprises me, whether it’s the rise of the smartphone, Google Glass, or an all-electric automobile. I typically think of myself as open to change and accepting of new tools, at least enough to try them out or give them time to prove themselves in the real world.

But one technology I’ve never understood is the market of digital e-books. For one, I never understood why someone would spend a couple hundred dollars for a device to read books on, when you could get an iPad or other tablet for a bit more with much more possibility (yes, I understand the e-ink thing). And, I like books. I like to read and enjoy the feeling of paper in my hand and turning pages.
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It’s Time to Graduate, Part I

Four years ago, I was a stressed out teen entering school with travel plans and a determination to pass the Spanish CLEP test practice ASAP. Three years ago I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Communication Design. Little did I know the five years spent in the university system did not prepare me for the working world. But that’s okay, what I have learned in the past three years is that education is continual, my time at college was the beginning, a stepping stone toward my future career.

I want to give a word of advice to any soon-to-be graduates in preparation for entering the working field of design and/or development. These are all things I have learned over the past three years, and wish someone had provided me while in school (really when I was a freshman).

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Line Height for All

Line height is one of the small things that can make or break your design. A little detail that is often overlooked or not properly massaged to perfection. This is going to be a short-and-sweet post outlining the best method for declaring line-heights, and there is a group discussion question at the end!
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What Are You Working On?

In less than a month the Texas Avenue Makers Fair will set up shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. I was part of the very first event and will once again be joining the ranks of super cool vendors selling their wares. This year the event has grown, tripling in size and occupying a new location and offering more booths and additions than ever before. It should be a great day, weather permitted, so if you are in the area stop by!

I want to share the progress of what I am working on. Currently I am in the middle of making about 60 books. Whew, and it’s quite the workout. If you are looking at my bookbinding work for the first time, I primarily make perfect bound books but do stitch books as well. I also teach an online class on Skillshare about Making Perfect Bound Books, so if you are interested in learning check that out. Perfect bound books are a great way to get into bookbinding because they take less time and unique materials to create than stitched books.
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The Dribbble Dilemma

While I am touching on the design network of Dribbble in this post, what I talk about really concerns all social media sources and the way we choose to use them in our day-to-day lives. The rise of social networks, beginning with Facebook, has changed the way we live our lives, communicate, and expect to interact with other human beings. I believe all social networks are similar to marriage, where as a user you progress through the honeymoon, newlywed, and troubled times phases (if you’re married you know what I’m talking about).
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Writing Useful Github Issues

Finding out there is something wrong with the work you did on a project is bad enough, but when reading through issues is like deciphering Latin, well it’s no wonder so many developers go postal. Writing detailed, thorough, and transparent issues should be the goal of everyone on your team, because we most often write issue request for someone other than ourselves. So let’s follow the Golden Rule of issue request, “Write issue request for others as you would like them written for you (or better).”

Writing good issue request, and teaching a team the same, will save everyone time, money, and confusion in the long run. It’s really a no-brainer. I’m talking specifically about Github, because I use it most of the time for code management and I know many other developers do as well, but what I cover can be applied to any issue management tool.

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