It’s Time to Graduate, Part I

Four years ago, I was a stressed out teen entering school with travel plans and a determination to pass the Spanish CLEP test practice ASAP. Three years ago I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Communication Design. Little did I know the five years spent in the university system did not prepare me for the working world. But that’s okay, what I have learned in the past three years is that education is continual, my time at college was the beginning, a stepping stone toward my future career.

I want to give a word of advice to any soon-to-be graduates in preparation for entering the working field of design and/or development. These are all things I have learned over the past three years, and wish someone had provided me while in school (really when I was a freshman).

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The Dribbble Dilemma

While I am touching on the design network of Dribbble in this post, what I talk about really concerns all social media sources and the way we choose to use them in our day-to-day lives. The rise of social networks, beginning with Facebook, has changed the way we live our lives, communicate, and expect to interact with other human beings. I believe all social networks are similar to marriage, where as a user you progress through the honeymoon, newlywed, and troubled times phases (if you’re married you know what I’m talking about).
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50 Shades of Gray (the color)

Have you wanted your web designs to have more life and pizzazz? There are a few simple steps to follow that will help take a design to the next level. Today, let’s focus on using color.

The Perception

As a beginning designer tackling a new project can often seem daunting and overwhelming. There are lots of aspects of design to learn and grow – typography, layout and grid systems, color theory, balance, rhythm, marketing – the list could go on forever. But one of the most powerful, and subtle, is color.

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