It’s Time to Graduate, Part I

Four years ago, I was a stressed out teen entering school with travel plans and a determination to pass the Spanish CLEP test practice ASAP. Three years ago I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Communication Design. Little did I know the five years spent in the university system did not prepare me for the working world. But that’s okay, what I have learned in the past three years is that education is continual, my time at college was the beginning, a stepping stone toward my future career.

I want to give a word of advice to any soon-to-be graduates in preparation for entering the working field of design and/or development. These are all things I have learned over the past three years, and wish someone had provided me while in school (really when I was a freshman).

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Line Height for All

Line height is one of the small things that can make or break your design. A little detail that is often overlooked or not properly massaged to perfection. This is going to be a short-and-sweet post outlining the best method for declaring line-heights, and there is a group discussion question at the end!
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Writing Useful Github Issues

Finding out there is something wrong with the work you did on a project is bad enough, but when reading through issues is like deciphering Latin, well it’s no wonder so many developers go postal. Writing detailed, thorough, and transparent issues should be the goal of everyone on your team, because we most often write issue request for someone other than ourselves. So let’s follow the Golden Rule of issue request, “Write issue request for others as you would like them written for you (or better).”

Writing good issue request, and teaching a team the same, will save everyone time, money, and confusion in the long run. It’s really a no-brainer. I’m talking specifically about Github, because I use it most of the time for code management and I know many other developers do as well, but what I cover can be applied to any issue management tool.

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You May Be Using @font-face Incorrectly

When I discovered that I had been using the @font-face rule incorrectly (for quite a long time actually) I was floored. How could this have happened? I was working off of numerous tutorials and suggestions online and they were all saying the same thing. Just goes to show that the internet is not always right.

Anyway, there are two basic methods for using the @font-face rule, they both work but the first (that I was using and most people on the internet are also using) is like showing up to a volleyball game with a cast on your leg and the sun in your eye.

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