Why Tom Cruise? Because ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Was Fantastic

If you have not yet seen Edge of Tomorrow I highly suggest you check it out. The film really is great and I believe will go down as one of the great sci-fi flicks – when it finally catches on. Because for some reason thus far, Edge of Tomorrow has performed spectacularly poorly at the box office, though ratings, including ratings by Rotten Tomatoes have been stupendous.

What I want to know is why was Tom Cruise chosen as the lead actor? Don’t get me wrong, he did a perfect job in the role (as he always does) but he just doesn’t seem to fit the role like another actor could.

Why I Don’t Care For Tom Cruise:

  • He’s getting older, but not maturing as an actor.
  • He hasn’t had many hits in the past decade. Oblivion was good, and so was Valkyrie – based on my opinion, not performance at the box office – but all his other movies sucked!
  • He is a nut. I think we all know about the crazy Scientology (not linking to this on purpose!) stuff, and I don’t like it.

Let’s take a look at actor choices that could have been just as good if not better than choosing Tom Cruise as the leading man in Edge of Tomorrow. The character really would have been better played by a younger man, but the fact that Bill Cage starts as a spokesman does offer some reasoning for choosing an older actor.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Levitt has proven himself as someone who can be relied upon to enhance a role and film both. And he has had experience in the sci-fi genre with Looper, he would have been a great choice.

Tom Hardy. We’ve seen Hardy’s chops proven in Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and Lawless. Tom Hardy would have been a great lead for Edge of Tomorrow.

Christian Bale. Bale can handle his own and take on any role necessary. While I don’t believe he would have been a perfect fit for Edge of Tomorrow he still would have done a great job.

Michael Fassbender. I really wish Michael Fassbender was given the chance to play lead in Edge of Tomorrow. He’s finally taking off with a few roles he has taken in films like X-Men: First Class and 12 Years a Slave proving himself as an actor of note and someone to keep an eye on. As a lead he wouldn’t offer the star power given by an actor like Tom Cruise, but then maybe Warner Bros. would have given a dang and marketed the movie to become a success like they should have.

Hugh Jackman. Yeah, he could have done it. He wouldn’t be the best option but would have done well enough. He may be too buff too, the character of Cage shouldn’t start as a warrior.

Matt Damon. Damon always does a good job, but he has already made a battle jacket movie, Elysium, so maybe that would be awkward. He would have been a good option but he is getting on in years and maybe packing on a few pounds.

Actors I am not considering because they don’t fit the role:

Let’s Be Mature

Eventually everyone has to grow up, and it’s time for Tom Cruise to do so. He’s getting up there in age, he’s almost of an age with my dad (no offense dad) and though he still looks fairly good for a man over fifty at some point you need to set your sights on a different horizon.

Other actors comparable to Tom Cruise, like Brad Pitt and George Clooney have done a great job growing as actors with age and transitioning to more mature roles. I could say more but I really love the write-up by Eric Brown touching on some of the same points I’m mentioning.

The Kicker

So why was Tom Cruise chosen as the lead? Probably for no other reason than he is a waning actor with some star-power still intact. The Edge of Tomorrow creators needed a home-run after spending an estimated $178 million to create the movie, and paying for a big name actor almost always brings in the dough, even if the movie sucks, and Tom Cruise is a bankable actor.

Edge of Tomorrow was an excellent movie, with lots of potential. But it received almost no publicity! What the hey? The movie didn’t come to my attention until a couple of weeks before its première, there was barely any push by the distributor, and the trailer kind of sucked. I mean, the trailer was interesting and it was obvious the movie contained plenty of polish, but there was nothing intriguing about it.

The Edge of Tomorrow did surprisingly poor on the opening weekend compared to other movies rolling out over the past few weeks. Movies like 22 Jump Street and Think Like A Man Too crushed on opening weekend; what does that say about marketing? Or what does it say about the horrible taste of most Americans?

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