What Are You Working On?

In less than a month the Texas Avenue Makers Fair will set up shop in Shreveport, Louisiana. I was part of the very first event and will once again be joining the ranks of super cool vendors selling their wares. This year the event has grown, tripling in size and occupying a new location and offering more booths and additions than ever before. It should be a great day, weather permitted, so if you are in the area stop by!

I want to share the progress of what I am working on. Currently I am in the middle of making about 60 books. Whew, and it’s quite the workout. If you are looking at my bookbinding work for the first time, I primarily make perfect bound books but do stitch books as well. I also teach an online class on Skillshare about Making Perfect Bound Books, so if you are interested in learning check that out. Perfect bound books are a great way to get into bookbinding because they take less time and unique materials to create than stitched books.

Like I said, I’m making a whole bunch of books. About 50 completed textblocks with endsheets attached. About 10 fully completed.


I found these interesting colored/textured foam sheets at the store and am going to make some bright and fun books for kids.

Repurposing old pulp book covers as fresh notebooks looks cool and is super popular with the customers.

How bought books with awesome illustrations on the front? (Oh yeah, I grew a beard! For the first time in 26 years).

I found a book of sweet Japanese Wood Block Prints. Going to use the illustrations as covers and endsheets. Most of the illustrations are fairly small so I will most likely have to use them for pocket-sized books.

Some of the different tapes I’m using. Finding a variety of tape designs is really difficult.
I’m also making a few Coptic Stitch books. Coptic Stitching is really cool and looks awesome, but takes a lot longer to make (therefore I have to charge more) and it’s difficult to sell someone a notebook that cost over $30.

So now you’ve seen what I’m working on, I want to know what you are working on! Leave a comment or tweet me at @calebsylvest and show me what’s up!

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